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New English Translation of the Tosefta by Eli Gurevich

This new English translation of the Tosefta is in the process of being written. This site will be updated with new tractates chapter by chapter.

The translation is intended for the layman and is accompanied with detailed notes that serve as a basic commentary on the Tosefta. The Hebrew text has been edited from all main Tosefta manuscripts and editions to be the most flowing text available. The paragraphs numbering matches the numbers in the Tosefta printed in the back of the Vilna Shas for easy access.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress. If you find mistakes, typos or simply disagree with the commentary and would like to provide a different explanation feel free to email me at support@toseftaonline.org. I will periodically upload corrected files to the web site.

For the most recent Toseftot of the very last chapter that I am working on and that have not been uploaded here yet, please see The Tosefta Blog.

# Tractate and Chapter # Last Updated Buy Paperback Buy Hardcover
1 Click here to download the audio shiur. Tosefta Berachot - תוספתא ברכות 03/28/2010 Buy this book on Lulu.
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Buy this book on Lulu.
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2 Click here to download the audio shiur. Peah, Chapter 1 - פאה, פרק א 11/15/2010
3 Click here to download the audio shiur. Peah, Chapter 2 - פאה, פרק ב 11/15/2010